Like a sunray that parts the horizon, an elegant edge decorates, with its gentle prominence, the majestic seat of Tahiti; in doing so, it ushers in the lively chromatic enticement of the nearby armrests, which alternate each other with refined variations of style. It is a couch whose lines are exquisitely designed in order to retrace the past suggestion of an everlasting charm. At sunset, Tahiti reveals its dual nature: it may become either a single bed or a queen-sized one, that is, a perfect dwelling for your well-deserved solace.

    In fabric or texil completely removable (for additional and washing information please refer to the fabric label). In artificial leather version, only the seat cuschions are removable.

  • FEET

    Feet aluminium color.


    Metal base is made of polished steel, painted with high resistance powderbased paints. The special characteristics of this patented mechanism allow the
    opening and closing of the sofa-bed in a single and simple movement, without the need to remove any seat and back cushions.Polyurethane foam mattress dens. 25 kg/cbm 12 cm heigh. Height referring to the center of the mattress and not to the edges.Backrest with storage for pillows.Optional fireprooof mattress.


    Sofa bed available with armrest Trendy, Sailing, Simply. Armchair bed with armrest Trendy.
    Armrest width Trendy 9 cm. Sailing 12 cm. Simply 7 cm.
    Seat sofa bed width 2-er 72 cm. 3-er 82 cm. 3-er maxi 92 cm. Armchair bed 93 cm.
    Height seat 52 cm. from ground.
    Depth seat 58 cm.
    Back structure height 76 cm. from ground.
    Height feet 12 cm.